About Bear Graphics

Bear Graphics has been taking a common sense approach to printing solutions for over 170 years.

Our strong heritage comes from the responsibility of doing business ethically, honestly, and always in our customer’s best interest. This dedication and common sense approach continues to be the foundation of our business, and we are proud to have been offering printing solutions to the banking and commercial industries for almost two centuries.

Our Mission

A common sense approach to providing solutions that are 100% in our customer’s best interest. Our experienced sales professionals and customer service representatives will establish, maintain, and improve upon mutually beneficial business relationships and perform with the highest level of integrity while recognizing the balance of work, faith, and family.

Our History

Bear Graphics, as we know it today, was created by the merger and acquisitions of many outstanding printing companies including Bolstein Creative Printers, Clarke and Courts, George D. Barnard, Hill Printing, House of Graphics, Partnership Solutions, and Walraven. Roots trace back to Texas where we began doing business in 1857. These fine businesses have a heritage rich in tradition in both Texas and throughout the U.S.

We are the oldest printing company west of the Mississippi River.
We installed the first automatic striker ruling machine west of the Mississippi River.
We were the first to use a steam press.
We were the first to operate an entire plant by electricity.
We printed revenue stamps for the government during the Spanish-American War.
We still have customers whose great-grandfathers bought from us.

A Rich Heritage

Having a heritage like this carries with it a responsibility to those who have preceded us by doing business in a morally, ethical, and honest manner. This has been part of our foundation since 1857, and it’s something that we will never change.